Topical antifungal cream with miconazole nitrate 2% as an active ingredient. Unlike other miconazole creams, Covares is boosted by Emzaloid technogy which enables the active ingredient to penetrate the skin faster, therefore quicker results.

30g – original pack size, more affordable than market leading anti fungal
40g – junior pack targeted at children from infancy, preferred by Mums
50g – targeting athlete’s foot, bigger size suitable for longer duration of treatment necessary for this condition.

In South Africa, Covarex is also most recommended topical antifungal by medical doctors and pharmacists.

Dosage: Apply twice daily on affected area for two to four weeks depending on condition.

In a single blinded study 20 patients with recurrent Tinea Pedis, T Cruris or T Corporis received either Covarex or the original miconazole product.

  • Affected area and symptoms were noted at the beginning of treatment, with weekly assessments for 4 weeks.
  • Severity of symptoms ranged from 0= cleared to 4=very severe
  • Results are reflected in tables 1-3 and fig 1 and indicated that:
    • In theCovarex group 20% were clear of symptoms after 1 week, compared to 0% in the original product group
    • After 2 weeks 805 in the Covarex group was clear whereas 70% in the original product group still experienced symptoms
    • After 3 weeks only 1 patient in the Covarex group still had symptoms compared to 4 in the original product group.

The authors concluded that:

  • Reduction and elimination of symptoms were more rapid in the Covarex group
  • This supports the principle of synergy between the active ingredient and the Emzaloid
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Reg. No. 98/08405/07

Covarex™ is marketed in South Africa by:

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals  South Africa (Pty) Ltd

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