An Emzaloid approaching the cell membrane
The Emzaloid™ in is in the process of entrapping fluorescently labeled water soluble diclofenac. It is very small (diameter smaller than 30nm) and the membrane packing is sponge-like.
Oral administration
Micrograph illustrates the formation of small pro-Emzaloid™ from a MeyerZall formulation and is used for some oral administrations
The reservoir
The reservoir contains multiple particles of coal tar. The reservoir has a large loading “Emzaloid” capacity to surface area and is a good entrapper of insoluble compounds. General size is 1µm.

MeyerZall Laboratories developed the Emzaloid™ biomaterial active ingredient delivery system. The Emzaloid™ is a patented drug delivery system comprising of a unique submicron emulsion type formulation capable of encapsulating various drugs and delivering these with high efficacy to target sites in the body. The size, shape and clustering of Emzaloid™ in “sponges” and in so-called “depots” can be controlled and reproduced through mechanical composition and other means. The absorption capabilities of the Emzaloid™ can be controlled in this manner.

The encapsulation of actives within the Emzaloid™ creates a safer and more effective formulation than one involving the said active alone.

Whilst there are many existing delivery system technologies such as lipids or viral vectors, the Emzaloid™ is unique among these in that it is comprised of essential substances which are natural ingredients of the human body. These substances are treated in a special manner which may afford significant advantages over other delivery systems. Emzaloid™ is significantly different from liposome and nanosome delivery systems.

Since the very beginning, the effectiveness of the topical Linotar/Exorex product was beyond reasonable expectations and it displayed an exceedingly high rate of successful treatment. Linotar/Exorex contains the active agent coal tar which is commonly used in the treatment of Psoriasis. This led the scientists to realise that the Exorex formulation was more than simply a new generation cosmetically acceptable coal tar product.